Contrast Suspicious Case Engineered Jakarta International School

Contrast Suspicious Case Engineered Jakarta International School The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (KontraS) assess engineering in cases of alleged sexual abuse at the Jakarta International School (JIS) more visible.

KontraS coordinator Haris Ashar said, JIS case shows how police set up a series of stories that are not based on evidence. As a result of imposing the story, police violence and torture against JIS janitorial workers to recognize that sexual assault cases.

"JIS case back showing us how an engineering case. The death of a worker hygiene JIS with bruised face became evident that the acts of violence by the police was a real happening," said Harris during a discussion titled Challenges of Police Performance in Government Jokowi KontraS held at Warung Tjikini, Jakarta, Tuesday (04/11/2014).
He added, JIS case is one of three cases very closely with the violence and engineering factors. Two other cases are cases Brigadier Susanto, police allegedly shot his boss at Police in March 2014 and the case of the alleged detention of Muhammad Arsyad pornographic content to the President Jokowi.

Related to JIS case, continued Haris, from the results of monitoring and investigations conducted KontraS, many facts are contrary to the trial dossier compiled by the police. For example, a hospital post mortem results and testimony of witnesses presented by the prosecution has further weakened the police story.

The defendants also claimed that they were forced to confess BAP version because it does not withstand the torture by the police. As Syahrial defendant claimed a brutal and violent actions of the police started at 21.00 pm to 03.00 am in the morning after being held in April. Because do not bear the pain, Syahrial finally gave up.

"Because the police are under the direct coordination of the President, Mr. Jokowi should also look at the case. With the current condition of the community police increasingly afraid to contact the police, because the police themselves show ketidaktaatnya the law. The case of JIS is one proof that the police actions were unprofessional and impose a weak case from the facts, "he said.

Accused of abuse cases in JIS (Photo: Doc Okezone)

On this occasion, representatives of parents JIS Ayu Grace said, since the beginning of the JIS case is very strange and unreasonable. In addition to the school system and very tight control, the story that emerged in the BAP janitorial workers was impossible.

"How can a six year old child suffered sodomy more than 13 times by four holes pelepasnya condition is normal. That is evidence of the autopsy report and the SOS Medical RSCM that have been submitted to the judges," said Ayu.

Ayu added, in kindergarten JIS many parents are involved and monitor the activities of their children. Because it becomes very strange when Mrs. Pipit that never came to school suddenly reported the case. "We are confused by all these stories. Moreover, there is a lawsuit that value can be used to buy all the land occupied by JIS. What is it all," he said.

He asked the President and First Lady Iriana Jokowi to join to monitor the case. Because this case is a gamble of life and death for the families of the defendants. The cleanliness of the workers form the backbone of the family and a source of income for his family.

"Imagine if we were punished by an act which we never do and have to endure a lifetime. They have children, wives, parents and foster children. I am sure with uncovering the truth in this case we can save the future of many families and people capable small and innocent, "Ayu lid.

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