How To Grow Plants Hydroponically

How To Grow Plants Hydroponically, both ornamental plants, vegetables and herbs is an excellent choice, especially when gardening with kids, where to plant in the yard is limited, for people who do not like the media because of the dirty ground and for people who are challenged plant uses water the planting medium. How to grow plants using water or planting medium known as hydroponics into urban society have choice because not only does not require too much care they will plant more resistant to disease and pests.

Plants Hydoponically

Florist Online Bekasi - The number of plants that can live with ease using water planting medium of choice for parents to grow ornamental plants in the bottle with water using a planting medium and then put it in the corners of the house as a decoration for example in the kitchen window and so on. Any container used can vary depending on the taste, which is important to accommodate the roots, water and capable of supporting the stems and leaves of ornamental plants so they will be able to live upright and not fall down. Should avoid containers made of iron to prevent corrosion during the nutrient solution is added to the growing media. Containers dark and opaque is an excellent choice to avoid the growth of moss.

The growth of ornamental plants in the water stored in the room is slower in comparison to those grown using soil media but indoor ornamental plants will be more dense and durable in a relatively longer time.

The Types of Plants That Can Live In Water

Ornamental plants that can be grown using water media among Aglaonemas (Chinese evergreen), dieffenbachia (dumbcane), English ivy, Philodendron, Rhoeo, Pothos, etc. You can buy in the store they will plant seeds of plants.

How to Grow Ornamental Plants Using Water Media
Choose a container to plant ornamental plants.
Fill the container TSB with ornamental rocks, sand, etc. to taste. TSB stone is used as a buffer so that plant roots can stand upright.
Add a bit of charcoal to keep the water clear and can absorb odors.
Combine water and nutrient solution, and enter into the container earlier.
Choose plants that will be planted, cut the plants on the trunk or take plants that already have roots.
Wash the roots of plants to clean and cut all the stems and leaves are damaged or dead.
Place the plant in a container that already contains a nutrient solution was (no. 4).
Change nutrient solution every 4-6 weeks or replace the nutrient solution every time it appears moss because in addition to disrupt the beauty of plants, moss also interfere with plant growth.

That's how to grow plants hydroponically, pretty easy right? Bekasi Florist Online Good luck and happy gardening ...

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