Venus Flytrap, Ornamental Plants Insect Eaters

Venus Flytrap, Ornamental Plants Insect eaters - Ornamental plants carnivorous venus flytrap began ogled or plant cultivators. Because the plants are still unfamiliar to the people of Indonesia, especially Medan This is a plant that is not found in mainland Indonesia. Thus making it an attractive business because it has a fairly high selling value.
"Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant. The plant is a group with the corpse flower Rafflesia Arnoldi or that are often found in the tropical forests of America," said crop cultivators in the field.

Tentang Mawar Biru, similar plants in Indonesia is still rare carnivores found. In fact, Indonesian origin also inspired the establishment of carnivorous plants with Monas symbol shaped like dead flowers.
He admitted, getting the plant first of a lobster and shrimp ornamental buyer from New York. "I barter with my lobster buyer. He bought a lobster with the Carnivora interest payments," he said.

He explained, Venus flytrap-like mouth piranha equipped with sharp teeth and has a very fast response. If there are insects that approach, the plant is immediately issued a distinctive odor as the attraction of insects. Then, immediately rose insects trapped in the mouth venus.

"It's different with ornamental plants bag Semar. If the bag Semar if catching insects invisible. However, growth is slightly slower than the bag Semar," said Emil.

He intends to cultivate the venus flytrap seriously. And he intends to sell for Rp 400 thousand to $ 500 thousand per small pot. This is because the plant was still freely bought and sold in Indonesia, especially in Medan.
"Because of carnivorous plants, including plants that are protected in the United States is not in Indonesia is different from the bag Semar and dead flowers," said Emil new few months cultivate these carnivorous plants.

Venus Flytrap

According to him, venus flytrap plant cultivation does not need to be watered daily and fertilized as it will make the plants die. "Just at half the size of the pot soak her in a bath of fiber. What is important is the plant moist and exposed to sunlight for 12 hours," he said. Tentang mawar biru.

Meanwhile, the type of carnivorous plants owned by Emil them, venus flytrap, red piranha and bag Semar.

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