Condolences & Bereavement

Condolences & Bereavement - Condolences is a word that comes out when his expression a person dies, be it friends, tentangga or anyone we know and the first to leave us. For those of you who are confused to say the following condolences below I give some examples of your supa inspired to express their condolences Islamically.
Condolences & Bereavement
Speech Condolences & Bereavement

Kembang Belasungkawa "The body is not the size of his massive because of fate life has tentuka god, there must be a separation of each meeting, each early life would surely end with death, black and white life that we must accept and we believe, tegarlah O my brother and his departure Send away with a rebound do 'a neighbor so that he can be happy in nature and there. "
"Sweet smile now a distant memory, with jokes and laughter carried away thinking now erased. May the good deeds and chant the prayer that I prayed to be the best friend that will not make you feel lonely and can become a torch to accompany solitude. "
"Everything tastes of Allah it will be back kepadnya, departure is a lesson for the living that either tomorrow or the day after death will pick up as well as death that has pick, hopefully islammu faith and accepted by the Almighty (Allah) and May departure leaves wisdom to the people you leave behind. "
Belasungkawa "Inna lillahi wainna ilaihi roji'u immortality belongs only to Allah, and everything is just a mere surrogate who will someday be taken by the owner. Hopefully he is in ridlo and magfiroohnya and hopefully families in tinggalkannya can be patient and always say a prayer for him. "

So few examples of condolence sayings or sorrow which I have proposed may the words above you can make an inspiration.

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