How to Seed Seeding Roses

How to Seed Seeding Roses - Lift the seeds of roses that have been done on seedling media Ripening After decaying

Choose healthy seeds by doing a simple test that is entering into the water in the container, from these tests can be seen that both will drown, which floats thrown away. Laundering rose seeds with clean water continues to wind - wind / drain beans selected roses in the shade and prepare seedling media also can use the above media

Germinating seeds evenly roses with a distance of 5 cm usually Seeds will germinate at the age of one month after sowing.
For watering seedlings media made 1 day once and when the roses are old enough seeds can be moved / weaning into polybag or pots by using rice husk / rice husk.

And keep in mind also, that tips How to grow roses from seed we get from someone who comes from the Greek, when we imported the seeds of roses from him. We will try to "translate" to the Indonesian, therefore, more or less apologize.
How to grow roses from seed
Valentine Day - Before growing rose seeds, soak the beans first rose in pure water (can use bottled water) for 24 hours
It is advisable to plant the seeds of roses in early spring, or when there is no danger of freezing temperatures can. (For in our country, these points can be ignored, because in Indonesia there is no winter.)
Place the rose seeds 1/2 inch deep or less (approximately 1.5 cm) in the planting medium. The planting medium is to use a mixture of 50% sterile growing media and 50% vermiculite.
We can use existing small pot drainage holes, and never put water underneath mat (mat which is usually shaped like a plate, which we put under the pot)
Sprinkle seeds rose slightly, with Rootone Root Starter or fungicide Captan 50%, then close back terseut roses with mixed seed planting medium that has been described above. This method serves to reduce the possibility of excessive moisture, which usually inhabited by a disease that attacks the young seedlings.
Sprinkle the seeds we have planted roses using the sprayer, to wet
Put the pot outside, in areas exposed to direct sunlight. Fixed water the plants, and keep not to pot drought.
About 6 weeks later, the seeds will begin to germinate roses.
When the weather gets too warm, or even hot, seeds germinate roses will stop.
When the plants have grown roses with about 3-4 inches (7.5 cm to 10 cm range), we can move to a larger pot.
Tips on slightly different from the tips that we frequently encounter and read. In general, a lot of writing requires no phase "dormant" (stored in the refrigerator), but to the above, the phase does not exist. It's good we both tried.
Hopefully how to grow roses from seed above can be useful for us all,
and do not forget, keep Come Gardening !!!
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